Start investing in your financial education today by reading my blog on Personal Finances.

My objective is to maintain a high-quality blog, covering ideas and trends that will shape my reader’s long term decisions and goals. My posts offer a blend of facts, established literature, and my own experiences and liberal perspective.

I believe that much of the success I have achieved in my personal, professional, and financial life came from the fact that I had access to high-quality information, opinions, and broad perspectives. With my blog I want to extend this same opportunity to my audience.

Core Values

These were the core values considered when creating the content, design, and functionalities of Leblonblue:

  • Original high quality content
  • In-depth analysis 
  • Respect for audience privacy
  • Noninvasive user experience

Policies and Terms

You can read more about Leblonblue policies and terms at:

Personal Motivation

For many years I wanted to have my own website. That goes back to when I was a teen using a dial-up connection to learn how to “program” in HTML. Several factors have led me to delay this project for so many years. 

Twenty years ago, it was much harder to host, create, and maintain a website. Connecting to the internet was already hard! Then there was a lifecycle challenge of getting into a good university, building a career, and establishing my personal life. 

Finally, the stars have aligned for me to be able to take this long-awaited-for project, and I am looking forward to it.

Long term goal

Once the finances blog is consolidated, I plan to expand to a second blog on career development and emotional intelligence.